• CBGA 2022
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General Sessions

GT1 Earth System Sciences
GT2 Stratigraphy, Paleontology and Paleogeography
GT3 Sedimentology, Facies Analysis
GT4 Magmatism
GT5 Metamorphism
GT6 Mineralogy and Applied Mineralogy
GT7 Tectonics
GT8 Quaternary Geology and Landscape Evolution
GT9 Geophysics and Seismology
GT10 Economic Geology
GT11 Energy Resources (Hydrocarbon, Geothermal)
GT12 Hydrogeology
GT13 Geohazards
GT14 Engineering Geology and Urban Geology
GT15 Cultural heritage
GT16 Education in Geology and Public Awareness
GT17 Agrogeology and ecology
GT18 Open Session

Special Sessions